Fitness Habit Coaching

The most sustainable way for men to lose their love handles WITHOUT doing cardio 5 days a week and a 1200 Calorie Diet.


Want to work with a fitness coach one-on-one? Check! Without breaking the bank? You got it!

So what is it? Fitness Habit Coaching is a 12-week program that gives you customized coaching and clear steps to reach your fitness goals.

Do any of these scenarios ring a bell?

  • Go to the gym and blankly stare at the equipment unsure of what to do. How many reps, what is effective, etc.
  • Eat too much and gain weight, eat too little and get keep trying out different diets and end up losing weight in the wrong places.
  • “I am too tired! I’ll start tomorrow”… but there always seems to be something in the way.

Hey! Mitch Here...

Now, I LOVE Fitness Habit Coaching—outside of my faith, wife and family, it’s my #1 passion in life. But you may be wondering why you should listen to me?  I’m glad you asked!

Over the past 9 years I’m someone who has actually built my fitness in the middle of chaotic circumstances….

You see 9 years ago my life changed. I used to love working out but I got badly injured to the point where I couldn’t workout the way I used to. After trying to fix the problem I ended up wasting a lot of time and money with no change. 


I lost my motivation to workout… it didn’t seem realistic anymore. At the same time my life was changing as well. My job changed dramatically and I found the love of my life, Cynthia. 


Now these changes were necessary and there was a lot of good that came out of them but I also felt trapped in relation to my health.


How was I supposed to take care of myself when my life was so much more restricted than before?  I had way less time. My body couldn’t handle the same intensity, I didn’t even have the same equipment or social support. It felt hopeless


This is when I found the power of habits. This allowed me to make sustainable changes inside of my circumstances which were out of my control. This allowed me to regain my health and momentum!

Many of the restrictions are the same

but I am getting stronger, faster and leaner without it feeling that hard!

So now I want to help you achieve the same!

But you might be wondering, “Will it work for me?”

Well, that’ll depend on YOU. Because I’ll be giving you a BETTER strategy than the one I first used to get into shape that is informed by over 9 years of experience..

So I know the program is capable of getting your habits and in turn your health on track.

You might be thinking....

Can I do this if my schedule is jammed and I have no time to workout?

Josh lost his love handles!

While working out x1/week! He didn't even count his calories!

Here’s what you’re going to get immediately upon joining:

Component #1: Strength and Conditioning Training System ($320 Value)

  • Confused about what to do at the gym?
  • App program with follow along videos
  • No more wasting time blankly staring at the gym equipment. Know what to do and see your body transform!


Component #2: Accountability Accelerator ($280 Value)

  • Keep pushing things off until tomorrow?
  • Weekly Zoom Calls to keep you on track!
  • No more guilt about breaking promises you made to yourself! Get things done!


Component #3: Nutrition Program ($180 Value)

  • Intimidated by counting calories and macros?
  • Our plan gives you flexibility for each meal while keeping you on track, no more guessing and stressing!
  • No more starving yourself only to have your mid-section still holding onto fat!

Here’s what to expect (and what’s expected of you):

  1. Strength and Conditioning Training System
  2. You will have access to me at all times via our slack messaging workspace. I will answer all questions within 24 hours.
  3. Weekly 1-on-1 Accountability Calls
  4. I will support you through the process and make needed adjustments to your training to streamline your road to success in the program so that you can obtain your promised results.
  5. I will always be straightforward with you and I expect nothing but commitment and trust from you.
  6. You will be required to take before and after pictures to show your progress

This is an intense 12 weeks designed to get you the body you’ve been dreaming of, if you're ready to work!

You ready?

Who is This For?

  • Men who are newer to working out
  • Men who are hard workers but they just lack a plan
  • Men who are tired of seeing others succeed in fitness and don’t know why
  • Men who want to be a healthy role model to others in their lives


Who is This NOT For?

  • Men who aren’t ready for change
  • Men who don’t want to work hard
  • Men with major joint problems

What’s the Investment? A better question is, what’s this worth?

You could always hire me in person at $100/hr, you would be looking at $1200/month or $3600 for the 12 weeks.

After 12 weeks you would have made impressive progress on losing the love handles and building your fitness habits. It’ll be worth every single penny if you can afford it.

I guess you could keep trying it on your own and testing out everything without building your key habits.

There’s always the option of hiring another coach for another couple thousand dollars who doesn’t take the realistic, step by step milestone approach and while you might get stronger you’ll still won’t be closer to the sustainable habits.

To get started and claim one of the final spots your investment is not $3600 to work with me in person.

For today it’s only $100/month!


Also we have a gift for you on top of the regular program to help you get started!

  • JUST MOVE: A 3 month Bodyweight Program if you don’t have access to equipment ($100 Value)

How Can You Claim One of the spots? 

If you’ve read everything above and feel this IS the program for you, then click below!



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